4 Tips to choose the best jewellery for your outfit 

Choosing the right jewellery is important because it makes you look great and enhances your appearance. On the other hand, the wrong jewellery, based on what you pair it with, can make you look uncomfortable and clumsy.

Most people spend money on jewellery, on special occasions or events. People can easily buy jewellery, but not all the time. Usually, people face difficulty while buying the right jewellery, according to their outfits. If you are also one of those who face difficulty, then here are some tips for you. 

Scale is key

The jewellery size you choose must pair with your outfit. Your outfit may cover very small size jewellery or very large size jewellery have appeared clumsy and clunky. If you are going to wear jean trousers or a simple blouse, then you should go with bib necklaces and thick bangles. Buy the top-end collection of jewellery at Nikola Valenti

Jewellery and outfit colour 

Colour is also an important thing you should consider while buying jewellery unless you have appeared like a rainbow. Silver and gold jewellery match every outfit, and other neutral colours like black, grey, and white. 

If you want to buy jewellery in another colour, you should use the colour wheel. It is suggested to choose a jewellery colour in a similar colour family to your outfit, like yellow-green and green. You can also use the opposite colour from the colour wheel, like purple and green. 

Define style 

Your selected jewellery determines what your style is. It applies the rule on accessory use. The occasion and outfit design will also represent the accessories you choose. If you want to create your professional look, then you should buy simple jewellery, such as a simple necklace or stud earrings. 

If you want a classy look for the event or any function, diamond earrings and a pearl necklace will make the best appearance. If you want to get the edgy look, you can opt for oversized jewellery. On the other hand, the chandelier earrings and bib necklaces are best if you want to create a glamorous look. 

Know your skin colour 

Buying the right jewellery that matches your outfit makes your look great. But buying jewellery according to your skin colour makes your look better. Silver works better to highlight the cooled skin tone, whereas gold is best to highlight the warm skin tone for a person with dark hair. Visit the Nikola Valenti to get the best silver and gold-plated jewellery. 

But you must try it own with your style. If your vibes are matches and you feel unique while wearing the jewellery you choose, you can go with it. 


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