Top 3 Bags for Any Budget

I have literally seen very rarely any woman or young girl without handbags in their hands. Most women cannot step out of their houses no matter what. It is an essential accessory for girls that you may call necessary too. No matter if you are going shopping, hanging out with friends, movie or on a dinner date with a loved one, you always need a handbag. Handbags for women are very crucial, so you must spend a lot of time choosing the best one for you. You also have to spend a lot of money to buy the desired bag for you.

But if you have a low budget, then you must go for the bag that some in your budget however, it sometimes becomes difficult. We have gathered a few of the bags for you that you may find affordable.  So, let’s read it till the end.

1- Chain Shoulder Strap Handbag by H&M

If you want an affordable bag for you, then you must go for a Chain Shoulder Strap Handbag by H&M. it is a good quality product and will last longer than you expect. It is a gorgeous pick for all the fashion lovers out there. It features different colours such as black and beige colours as well as white colour too. While the white variant has soft fur as its exterior covering, the black and beige versions are embellished with snake print. This bag has a small size as compared to the other regular bags but you can easily place your everyday essentials in it such as a wallet, lip balm, phone, etc. with Farfetch deals, you can buy this and save ample amount of money in your pocket.

2- Peony Classic Girlfriend Carryall by Guess

Peony Classic Girlfriend Carryall by Guess is found to be the popular one among women who are fashion lovers and, most importantly, brand conscious. By having this, you will spend in a smart way as it is a very affordable bag. It is big sized bag but it is not chunky. It is the perfect combination of class and feminity that will elevate any of your outfits. The front has the Guess logo and the typical Guess print all over it, so everyone will know what brand you are wearing. It is available in four different shades, which are Rose Pink, Black, Coral, and Taupe Multi.

3- The Downtown Bag by Marc Jacobs

The Downtown Bag by Marc Jacobs is one of the cheaper bags you can opt for, as everyone can afford it. This bag has numerous colours and contains a shoulder strap so that you can take it off if you want to. The closure is given by the twist lock flap and also contains an outer zipper pocket. There is a smaller pocket too inside the bag. You can keep your important things, such as cash and cards, in this smaller pocket safely. It is made from leather and can look great with any type of outfit.

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