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Top 4 Trendy Outfits for Men in the UAE

There’s no harm in adding more to your wardrobe to enhance your dressing sense. With the fashion trends coming and going, there are always one or more elements that stay the same. In this case the fashion of leather jackets with cotton shirts is a never-ending part of men’s wardrobe. Following fashion trends is never the purpose but to keep yourself up to date with the most basic dresses that you should have. From time to time there’s always a change in the fashion where the combination of clothing was added or removed. However, the classics from the timeline have always remained the same. The key to being well dressed isn’t what you wear, but how you wear it. There has been a noticeable shift in the way young men handle their style. The evolution of streetwear and influence by hip-hop artists such as Kanye West have evoked a response in many.

There’s always a list of options to pick from which can confuse you a lot. To help you with choosing the right dress for you, we listed down 4 perfect and trendy outfits for men.

1- Shirt & Drawstring Waist Shorts

One of the most casual dressing style in men’s fashion, buttoned shirt and drawstring waste trouser can never be beaten. The plain design of this dress provides them the freedom to wear it anywhere. The shorts come with drawstrings and the waist with pockets and the shirt have buttons at the front. The fabric composition makes it very comfortable to wear in summers. Regular fit, this dress is a perfect choice to enhance your casual fashion available on Shein offers.

2- Men Solid Button Up Shirt

Solid color shirts have always been an important part in summer fashion for men. This white half sleeves buttoned up shirt is a must add to your wardrobe. Available in two neutral colors, it comes in variety of sizes to fit you perfectly. The button front makes it open for different types of fashion. With the fabric composition that provides comfort, the quality is great. The antibacterial feature of this shirt is breathable and the quick drying quality makes it perfect wardrobe add.

3- Cotton Solid Button Front Shirt

If you’re looking for something to add to your office wear, then this shirt is just for you. Plain and collared neck makes it a perfect choice for formal wear. The buttoned front also provides it the feature to wear it as outerwear. Long regular sleeves with the non-stretch fabric can be worn with any color. The fabric composition of 100% cotton provides comfort to the wearer and dries quickly. You can wash it in machine or give it for professional cry clean, your choice.

4- Lapel Neck Corduroy Blazer

Blazers are considered as one of the most important and elegant part of men’s fashion. When it comes to blazers, you always need to check the comfort it provides. In this case, Lapel Neck Corduroy Blazer is the right choice to buy. With the range of sizes, you can check and buy the right fit for you. The quality of this blazer is just amazing and exactly what you might need to add to your blazer section.

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